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Is the world making you feel upside down ?

Everyone feels out of of sorts sometimes.

Let's take a look at good self care and see what that looks like.

It is common knowledge that we need to exercise, have a healthy diet, and ensure we get enough sleep each night. But what about our emotional state, our mood? If we don't nurture our emotional selves, this will likely impact our physical health as well.

Good self care means looking at ourselves inside and asking:

As with anything, if you are not feeling right, always check in with your health care professional. If you are finding it a struggle to get through your day-to-day tasks with ease, here are some ways to engage in self care and ease your stress.


Research shows many benefits from exercise including lowering cortisol levels (your stress hormone). Many people find their mood is lifted by the endorphins that come from cardiovascular exercise.


If cardiovascular exercise is not your thing, try yoga. Stretching and relaxing your muscles will release tension in your body.


Find a creative outlet as a way of transmuting stress and emotions in a healing way. This can be art, music, writing, dramatic arts, anything that gets you in your heart. These will help transition you into a new place. For many, a journal to write down thoughts is another good way - find a quite corner of your house, sit down with a cup of tea and unload into your journal.

Call a friend

Getting in touch with someone with whom you feel safe and just connect. The bonding of two people can soothe one's soul.

Spend time with a pet

Grab your dog, cat, or whatever your favorite pet is and spend time with them. They keep you present in the moment and offer unconditional love.

Get a hug

Find someone to give you a hug. It could be your pet! Touch is incredibly grounding and can relax your body in minutes.

These are just a few ways to take care of your heart, your emotional center. If you need more ideas or help with self care, RUACH is here for you. Request support here.