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Testimonials From Former Clients

RUACH: Emotional and Spiritual Support Team, As a beneficiary of your free supportive care sessions, I wanted to share my immense gratitude for the time, energy, efforts, and impact you are all having. As you might imagine, many of us - and especially those in community service roles - are as bombarded as ever with work and priorities that are incredibly difficult to juggle. This struggle would've been felt several months ago, but is deeply exaggerated by the ongoing global pandemic and crisis. What you all as a team have managed to offer is a reprieve from the madness that few other support systems parallel. In my three sessions with my provider, I was able to talk through my struggles, release stress and anxiety, and begin to think through healthier patterns for moving forward with greater balance. For this, I thank each of you, and especially my caregiver!, who have stepped up to uplift and support our community when we need it the most. Your efforts do not go unnoticed and have made a world of a difference. Thank you all again, and wishing you health and happiness as we move through this!

Arya Marvazy

I wanted to let you know that this program has helped me tremendously, right in the nick of time...and with the amount of support, professionalism, and variety of accessibility that was so badly required at this time. My supporter is gifted and we have connected very well. I feel I could trust her, right from the beginning and it's been true. How wonderful of you to create Ruach and offer this human touch, to others. I love the name of the program. as i was going downhill, almost a month ago, due to the heavy burdens of my current life, plus covid, i felt that the correct assistance for what I needed must come from a combination of jewish-soul, some spirituality, not all just clinical therapy and literature to read and a million suggestions that I already know about. I needed some help to get to a deeper place, with a touch of mental health knowledge, and a touch of spiritual counselling knowledge, infused with a connection to my Judaism so that I could feel understood. having a counsellor with these abilities and this background was the perfect fit.


I cannot express how thrilled I have been with the service that RUACH provided. At the time when I first heard about it, I had been going through a number of covid related stressors and was having a lot of difficulty coping, and my anxiety was at an all time high. I felt very alone in my stress and didn't know where to turn, when a friend from high school who I had not spoken to in a decade reached out to me and recommended that I check RUACH out. I am so glad that I did. The Social Worker/therapist I was provided with came exactly when I most needed it, when I was struggling the most. Together, she helped me better understand and manage my negative thoughts, normalize what was happening, and organize my life and priorities in a way that would better serve me during this challenging time. She was extremely well prepared, insightful, professional, and intuitive. She did an excellent job of helping me navigate the uncertainty of the time and helped me to create a tool kit for better coping. She was also versatile and was able to meet me where I was at, and in all honesty, probably provided the best service of any therapists I have seen. Having the service be free also allowed me access that I otherwise would not have and made RUACH so accessible. I am so grateful to have been able to benefit from this amazing service and I would recommend it to everyone and will certainly be promoting it within my circles. Thank you!


I really want to thank you all for starting up this amazing network, from which I've really personally benefited. I've spoken with a therapist three times and it's been deeply helpful. I also shared the info with a friend (who've having panic attacks) who otherwise wouldn't have known about it, and will continue to spread the word. The level of pain and suffering caused by the lockdown is so tremendous that it's hard to wrap by head around all of it. I've been working on a mutual aid group in our town to help provide food and other basics to those in need but I'm aware that we're addressing one tiny corner of needs in one small town... It's comforting to know that others like you are focusing on meeting folks' emotional and spiritual needs in this very creative approach.