RUACH Emotional and Spiritual Support is proud to partner with the following organizations comitted to making mental health services more accessible.


Neshama: Association of Jewish Chaplains is an international professional association of Jewish spiritual care specialists providing ongoing education, training, certification and sacred community. NAJC advocates for Jewish chaplains and chaplaincy.

The Blue Dove Foundation

The Blue Dove Foundation was created to help address the issues of mental illness and addiction in the Jewish community and beyond.

Project Proactive

Project Proactive was originally created to help normalize the conversation of mental health, raise the visibility of resources, and empower others to take their own initiatives to break stigmas and effect change.

Healing the Unknown

Healing the Unknown is a platform for multifaith individuals to develop as resilient storytellers and leaders. Together, we build community and hold space for healing during the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID Grief Network

The COVID Grief Network provides short term grief support and builds long term community for young adults who are grieving in the midst of this pandemic

The ChaZak Initiative

ChaZak (חזק) comes from the Hebrew phrase: ״חיים זה קשה״. We are a space for predominantly young professionals to share resources, anecdotes, and support to one another permeating through all areas of mental health

Network for Jewish Human Service Agencies

The Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies advances the Jewish human service sector through advocacy, best practices, innovation and partnerships.

Refuat HaNefesh

Where Stigma Ends and Support Begins. Refuat HaNefesh educates the Jewish community about mental health and supports those affected by mental illness.